Aphid Advisor

About Us

  • Aphid Advisor is a decision-making tool to help determine whether an action is warranted for control of Soybean Aphids (Aphis glycines) on soybeans.
  • This app uses both aphid and natural enemy numbers, as well as expected population growth rates, to indicate whether there are enough natural enemies to keep aphid populations below action thresholds or if an insecticide application may be needed.
  • The accuracy of output generated by this app depends on the accuracy of data submitted by users. Aphid Advisor does not validate submitted data and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these results. There are other tools and sources of information to consider before deciding what pest management action to take.
  • Aphid Advisor was developed by Rebecca Hallett (UofG), Christie Bahlai (UofG; current institution Kent State University) and Tracey Baute (OMAFRA). Funding for development of this app has been provided by the Agri-Food and Rural Link, a component of the OMAFRA - U of G Partnership.
  • This app is based on the scientific literature and on research conducted at the School of Environmental Sciences and Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph, with funding from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada‚Äôs Pesticide Risk Reduction Program, the Grain Farmers of Ontario, and the OMAFRA-University of Guelph Sustainable Production Program.

For more information about Aphid Advisor, please contact tracey.baute@ontario.ca